Encendido: 8 marzo, 2023 In: Noticias

Published on 08/03/23 – StudyTravel Network Spanish agency association ASEPROCE has announced a new President and Board after elections...

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Encendido: 17 febrero, 2023 In: Noticias

Published on 17/02/23 – StudyTravel Network ASEPROCE, the Spanish agency association, has announced that it will hold its annual...

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Encendido: 20 enero, 2023 In: Noticias

Published on 19/01/23  – StudyTravel Network A strong performance for the UK’s higher education sector, a first agent event...

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Encendido: 1 noviembre, 2022 In: Noticias

Published on 01/11/22  – StudyTravel Network Addressing homestay shortages and opportunities for agents in online education were the themes...

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Encendido: 26 abril, 2022 In: Noticias

ASEPROCE recibió el 25 de abril, por segundo año consecutivo, el premio ST Secondary School Award Agency Association otorgado...

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Encendido: 3 marzo, 2022 In: Noticias

Oviedo, 25 de febrero. La Asociación Española de Cursos de Idiomas en el Extranjero, reunió a sus asociados, el...

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Encendido: 21 enero, 2022 In: Noticias

Published on 20/01/22  – StudyTravel Network Agents and educators expressed optimism for recovery in 2022 as the industry gathered...

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Encendido: 12 noviembre, 2021 In: Noticias

12 nov 2021 – Noticia extraída de www.cope.es Querer vivir la experiencia, tener cierta madurez, un adecuado nivel de...

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Encendido: 28 octubre, 2021 In: Noticias

Published on 28/10/21 StudyTravel Network International education associations are returning to hosting face-to-face events as global travel restrictions ease,...

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Encendido: 7 septiembre, 2021 In: Noticias

07/09/2021 The winners of the inaugural StudyTravel Secondary School Awards have been announced, celebrating service excellence by schools, agents,...

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