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Published on 28/10/21 StudyTravel Network

International education associations are returning to hosting face-to-face events as global travel restrictions ease, including agency associations ASEPROCE and IALCA who are running workshops next month supported by StudyTravel’s Meeting Manager software.

Spanish agency association ASEPROCE  will host its ninth ASEPROCE Workshop in Madrid on November 4th bringing schools and service providers to meet with member agencies for pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings. An online workshop for schools that cannot attend in person will be held the day before.

Speaking about the event on a recent edition of STtv Live, Oscar Porras , President of ASEPROCE, “We are very happy because agents are very eager to meet the schools again in person and discuss what has happened in the last few months.”

Meanwhile, Italian agency association IALCA  will hold its second Salone delle Lingue as a two-day event in Rome on November 26th and 27th.

The first day will feature scheduled B2B meetings between representatives of IALCA agencies and language schools taking part, while the second day will be a student fair where schools and agencies will work together to welcome potential clients.

“After a forced interruption in 2020 due to the pandemic, the second edition of the Salone delle Lingue IALCA is coming back to Rome to meet the desire for language travel, which has grown enormously among young and old alike during the months of lockdown and travel restrictions,” the association said.

“We call the Salone delle Lingue an EDUday,” explained Pina Foti , President of IALCA, “an information day dedicated in particular to students, teachers and school managers to help them plan their study abroad experience.”

The launch of new in-person industry association events comes as the ICEF  Berlin 2021 Conference is due to commence this week in a hybrid format.

As previously reported, StudyTravel has already confirmed ST Alphe Conference InPerson+ events for 2022 in which educational institutions, agencies and service providers will meet for face-to-face events, with a limited number of online places for those unable to travel. The ST Alphe IP+ series of events will commence with ST Alphe Spain IP+ in Malaga from January 14-16.

Other international associations that have already announced face-to-face events for 2022, include IALC – International Association of Language Centres , which will hold its 2022 Workshop in Berlin from March 31-April 3, and ALTO , which is planning the ALTO Conference Rome from April 22-24.

Both ASEPROCE and IALCA are using StudyTravel Limited’s Meeting Manager platform for their forthcoming events.

Features of the free-to-use Meeting Manager include meeting request messaging, a ‘Match Mate’ algorithm to optimise schedules, in-house video conferencing for online meetings, integration of hotel bookings and customisable pages for promotion.

Cristina Rivaya of ASEPROCE, said, “Meeting Manager is such a useful tool for agents, educators and associations that it has become indispensable. Aseproce has been able to organise six workshops using Meeting Manager in an easy and intuitive way but, in addition, the team behind the screen is always available and willing to help you in any situation.”

Other associations that have used Meeting Manager for free include Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) , which will host the MEI Online Workshop on December 2nd, International House World Organisation (IHWO)  and Malta’s language school association FELTOM .

Organisations interested is using Meeting Manager for their events can access more information and can contact here for more information.