Founded in 1987, ASEPROCE is an association made up of companies specialising in the promotion of language courses abroad and is a member of international organisations such as FELCA (the Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations) and ALTO (the Association of Language Travel Organizations).

ASEPROCE’s members

ASEPROCE is formed by well-known companies and organisations from across Spain, who go about their business in a meticulous and professional manner and in strict accordance with the law, and who can thus be relied upon when it comes to managing courses and programmes abroad.

The Association’s objectives

  • To represent and defend the interests of companies promoting language courses abroad.
  • To be a professional trade association, one that is a benchmark in the industry, plays an important institutional role at a national and international level and earns the recognition of customers.
  • To promote the quality systems set up to protect the image of the industry and the interests of its customers and to ensure they are complied with.

Advantages for partners

  • Membership of a community of business owners, companies and industry professionals with shared interests.
  • Representation in dealings with the government and public institutions.
  • Membership of an organisation that shuns unfair competition.
  • Information on all issues of relevance to the industry.
  • Training plans.
  • Special offers and prices with service providers.

What services does ASEPROCE offer?

ASEPROCE devotes its energies to activities and services that generate value for its partners, some of which are specific to the day-to-day running of companies and others that are more general in nature but of vital importance to the industry.

Forging of ties with government agencies, embassies, consulates, tourist boards, airports (AENA) and international organisations.

Information and advice on partner companies and language courses abroad.
Permanent general secretariat with an office at Paseo de la Habana 148, Madrid.

On issues of interest in the industry, such as promoting industry regulation with government agencies.

Law firm offering consultancy services to the association and its members.

Mediation between the customer and the partner company in the event of a dispute.


  • Organisation of the “Salón de los Idiomas” language fair, staged exclusively by ASEPROCE for member companies. This event is aimed at students and the general public, with each participating company showcasing their programmes. First held in 2004, the fair takes place in February or March in Madrid, Barcelona and, on occasion, in other cities.
  • Participation at general education fairs and other national and international events, promoting the ASEPROCE brand and ensuring compliance with quality systems that safeguard industry standards.
  • Annual awareness and information campaigns on the importance of studying abroad, all of them conducted through a press or communications office hired for just such a purpose.
  • One-off advertising campaigns.
  • Web development, with prime visibility a key objective.
  • Visibility of partner companies, who have exclusive access to a private area.
  • Publication and widespread distribution of a LEAFLET WITH INFORMATION ON PARTNERS.


  • Drafting of reports of interest to the industry: legal, fiscal etc.
  • Annual seminars on topics of interest.


  • WORKSHOPS: ASEPROCE organises annual fairs and invites leading international schools to them, giving its partners the opportunity to sign new agreements and renew existing ones.
  • Familiarisation trips to countries where language programmes are held.
  • Search for services and products available to all members: Suppliers’ directory.
  • Agreements with suppliers and exclusive, partner-only services.

More information on how to become a partner

Contact Marta Galea: / Tel. 91 345 08 81