Details on upcoming “Salón de los Idiomas” language fairs

Venue: Hotel Palace
Date: 8 de febrero 2020
Time: 10.00 – 20.300

Venue: Fira Barcelona
Recinto Montjuic. Saló de l’Ensenyament.
Date: 18 al 22 de marzo 2020
Time: 09.00 – 19.00

What is the “Salón de los Idiomas” language fair?

ASEPROCE has been holding its “Salón de los Idiomas” language fair since 2004. Open to the public, it offers specialised information on language courses and programmes abroad.

ASEPROCE, which has cemented its status as a large business community made up of industry professionals, holds this innovative fair every February, an ideal time of year for students to plan their summer programmes, assess the possibility of studying abroad for a year, do an internship or pursue other options. There are a wide range of high-quality programmes on offer, all of them overseen by companies who possess the ASEPROCE seal of quality.

The Salón de los Idiomas language fair is an event where parents, families, students, professionals and executives can seek expert advice on studying abroad or on introducing youngsters to language learning at camps in Spain.

What types of courses are available at a “Salón de los Idiomas” language fair?

Summer courses for youngsters, either in supervised groups or on their own. Courses can involve classes and trips or sporting and social activities.

  • Programmes for adults all year round, from beginners’ level to advanced.
  • Academic year abroad (AYA): Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) or Bachillerato (A Level/High School Diploma).
  • Special scholarship programmes for youngsters wishing to study English, French and German abroad.
  • Special scholarship programmes for teachers.
  • Specialist courses for professionals and executives.
  • Work experience and au pair jobs.
  • Programmes for families.
  • Postgraduate studies and university degrees.
  • Language camps in Spain for young children.

Visuals from the 2020 fair

Visuals from previous fairs