Quality teaching

Quality of teaching is a key factor when it comes to choosing a school, particularly private ones. We assess a number of factors, chief among them the need for a curriculum that motivates students and features original and interesting subjects, such as IT, music and visual arts, and more traditional ones. We also believe it vital that schools have additional facilities such as libraries, labs, computer rooms and sports facilities, and offer a wide range of extracurricular activities.

British, Canadian and American private schools are renowned for the academic grounding they give their students, while recent international studies have rated the state education systems of countries such as Ireland, Canada and the USA as being more efficient than Spain’s.

A healthy adolescence

Countries such as the USA and Canada have much stricter laws on the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs than we do in Spain. Students do not tend to go out much at night and are encouraged to play sport and engage in cultural and social activities at school and with their families. Far from denying them freedom, such an approach allows youngsters to develop in every respect.

Sports such as basketball, football, tennis, golf and many others are played widely at schools abroad and help students keep fit in body and mind and forge a team spirit with each other. As part of the curriculum, schools also lay on cultural activities, such as language and debating clubs, and artistic activities, among them art, music, drama and dance.