Enjoy a unique educational and personal experience with the best possible guarantees

Accounting for 98% of the industry, the organisations that make up AECAE boast extensive experience in the world of education and share a common desire to achieve the highest standards of professionalism, quality, integrity and efficiency in everything we do.

At AECAE we also see it as our duty to serve society. As a professional group, our association thus offers expert and in-depth information on all aspects relating to the experience of spending a school year abroad.

At AECAE we offer our services to students, parents’ associations, teachers, school heads, education administrators and individuals and groups who are looking to find out more about just how enriching and rewarding it is for youngsters to spend a school year abroad.

Every year, thousands and thousands of youngsters around the world pack their bags and swap their classrooms for others in different countries, all with the aim of learning new languages and enjoying an educational and personal experience that will help them prepare successfully for their future.