By means of this notice and in its capacity as the owner of the ASEPROCE domain, ASEPROCE informs the users of its network of websites about its personal data protection policy. Its aim in doing so is to leave users free to decide if they wish to provide ASEPROCE with the personal data it may require them to provide or may obtain from them when they register for some of the services offered by ASEPROCE through its network of websites.

ASEPROCE reserves the right to change this policy and adapt it to any changes in legislation, case law or industry practices. In such circumstances, ASEPROCE shall announce any changes on this website and with sufficient notice prior to them coming into effect.

Some of the services provided in the network of ASEPROCE websites may contain conditions with specific provisions relating to the protection of personal data. The personal data gathered will be processed automatically and held on the corresponding electronic files by ASEPROCE, who shall own and be responsible for said files.

To this end, ASEPROCE shall provide users with the necessary technical means so that they may access this notice on the data protection policy or any other relevant information and give their consent to ASEPROCE to process their personal data automatically. With the exception of required fields, answers to questions on personal data are given voluntarily. Should you choose not to answer these questions, it will not result in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services being affected in any way, unless otherwise indicated.

Personal data is collected and processed automatically for the following purposes: to maintain the contractual relationship established with ASEPROCE; to manage, administer, provide, expand and improve the services for which the user decides to register, sign up or use; to adapt said services to the preferences and tastes of the user; to study the use made by the user of the services; to design new related services; to forward service updates; and to forward, by traditional and electronic means, technical, operational and commercial information pertaining to products and services offered by or through ASEPROCE, both currently and in the future.

Personal data is also collected and processed automatically for the purpose of sending out surveys, which the user is not obliged to complete. ASEPROCE has adopted the personal data protection safety levels required of it by law and has installed all the technical means and measures available to it in order to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access to and theft of the personal data provided to ASEPROCE. The above notwithstanding, the user should be aware that internet safety measures are not fail-safe.

The user has the right to access, delete, change and dispute the processing of their personal data and to be informed about the transmission of their personal data. They may exercise these rights by writing to ASEPROCE at ASEPROCE shall not pass on their personal data to third parties unless such action is necessary in providing a service requested by the user.

The agreements by which personal data is passed on to third parties are set out in this personal data protection policy. ASEPROCE uses cookies and user sessions when users navigate its network of websites. These cookies are associated solely with an anonymous user and their PC, and do not reveal the user’s name and family name. Thanks to cookies, ASEPROCE is able to identify registered users after they have signed up, without them having to sign in every time to access the areas and services reserved exclusively for them. The cookies used cannot read data on the user’s hard drive or cookie files created by other providers.

The user may configure their browser to alert them when they receive cookies and also prevent the installation of cookies on their hard drive. In using the ASEPROCE network of websites, the user does not need to permit the installation of cookies sent by ASEPROCE, although this may result in an inferior browsing experience, due to technical reasons. For legal reasons and in accordance with the laws of Spain, ASEPROCE may be obliged to provide as much information as is required of it by the relevant authorities should a requisite court order be issued. Judges can only issue such orders when they have very good reason to believe that the user has engaged in illegal activities.

In view of this, and for the purposes of cooperating with the courts, ASEPROCE may record and then provide the police – upon presentation of the legally required court order – with information relating to the IP address identifying the user’s connection, the exact time the connection was made, usernames and passwords, and other data.

However, IP addresses and connection times are recorded only for those services in which there are grounds for believing they may have been used illegally by a user.