What guarantees do ASEPROCE companies offer?

They are lawfully established enterprises with years of professional experience behind them and who offer clear information and effective management of the courses and programmes they organise. ASEPROCE’s members must abide by a code of ethics that requires them to provide their services in a competent manner – offering customers accurate information before they sign up for a programme – and to coordinate student stays effectively.

What actions does Aseproce carry out?

Annual awareness and information campaigns on the importance of studying abroad as a key facet of personal and professional development.

Organisation of the “Salón de los Idiomas” language fair, a unique opportunity for students, their families and the general public to access, at first hand, all the information they need in selecting a course abroad that offers the highest possible quality and every guarantee. The “Salón de los Idiomas” is held in Spain’s biggest cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao, etc.

Initiatives promoting regulation of the industry.

Analysis of prospective corporate members of the association to ensure that they meet the aforementioned requirements, and the lodging of complaints against organisations that operate illegally or provide a poor service.

The advantages of signing up for a programme with a professional and specialised organisation:
  • Safety.
  • The right choice.
  • Personalised service.
  • Support during the stay.